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Farmers are always wanting more from their work with a muster dog. Whether it's the farmer or the dog who has something to learn, there is always a lesson just around the corner. That's what this clinic is for. 

Sunday school for the muster dog means a day in training. This year we are fortunate enough to have Zac Ede and Grace Halsted providing guidance and expertise.

At this clinic the farmers can bring their dogs for training but make no mistake, it's a lesson for the farmer and the dog!

Participation is $150 per dog for the clinic.

If you would like to participate in the clinic but not enter your dog, it is a $50 fee. This gets you entry to the ring and the right to ask questions.

All details, entries and enquiries should be directed to Molly Shannon via our dedicated Sheep Dog Competition Facebook page.

8.00am Start clinic

10.30am Smoko

12.30pm Lunch

2-3pm Resume clinic

See a full summary of events

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