Festival of the Fleeces 2023 Committee

Our committee consists of community members that volunteer their time and resources throughout the entire year to produce this incredible event. Thank you to our committee office bearers and committee members for going above and beyond for this year's Festival of the Fleeces.

Office Bearers

Committee Chairman

Rob Tindall

Rob Tindall

Rob Tindall is a local farmer, businessman and volunteer. His extensive experience in running committees is now being applied to the festival. For over a decade Rob has spearheaded (or been involved in) the Showground Committee, the Springtime Show Committee and now the Festival of the Fleeces Committee. His extensive community network and his understanding of the community means we are lucky to have him on board.

Committee Secretary

Liz Griffiths

Liz Griffiths

Liz Griffiths has been involved with the Festival of the Fleeces committee for three years. According to Liz "she learnt from the best" and was lucky enough to be on board when those who had been with the committee for 30 years were still involved.

Liz has been in corporate management, project management, journalism, web production, training and IT. She has worked in large corporations and government departments. She now runs her own consultancy and is a local grower.

Committee Treasurer

Cheryl Dallimore

Cheryl Dallimore

Cheryl has been involved with the festival for three years. She has been lucky enough to have been through the handover process from the previous committee (who had 30 years of experience). She serves on a multitude of local committees and is passionate about the community. She brings a strong community spirit, practical skills and an understanding of logistics.

Marketing and Comms

Website – Communication Wise Pty Ltd (Merriwa)

Media – Mandy Taylor and Stine Haastrup

E-newsletter – Communication Wise Pty Ltd (Merriwa)

Facebook – Zananee Clout

Activity Coordinators

Stallholder Coordinator – Bronwyn Andrews

Entertainment Coordinator - Vicky Lymbery

Grand Parade Organisers – Cheryl and John Dallimore

Running of the Sheep Coordinator - Zach Ede and Grace Halstead

Bush Sheepdog Competition Coordinator – Molly Shannon

Kids at Play Organiser – Cheryl and John Dallimore


It takes many hands to put on a successful event such as the Festival of the Fleeces - too many to list individually. So rather than call out individuals, we would like to say a big thank you to those who organised the festival and those who "put boots on the ground" during the festival. Your commitment and support, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated.

There are, of course, some key people and organisations that we would like to acknowledge for their role overseeing and coordinating those events that bring together the premier event on Merriwa's calendar.

A Special Thankyou

Upper Hunter Shire Council

The Festival of the Fleeces gives special thanks to the Upper Hunter Shire Council and Staff for once again ensuring the smooth closure and reopening of the Golden Highway, the pre- and post-festival cleaning, and the numerous behind-the-scene jobs Council managed for the festival.

Thank you!!

Our Sponsors and Friends

We would also like to extend our thanks our sponsors and friends.

Festival Volunteers

We would like to say a big thank you to those who organised the festival and those who "put boots on the ground" on the day when it was needed the most. Your commitment and support, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated.

Without the help of our amazing volunteers this festival would be like so many other festivals across Australia - it just wouldn't happen. Thank you everyone. Your time and support is greatly appreciated!! It won't be long and you will be able to proudly pat yourself on the back, pull up a chair and relax.