Bush Sheep Dog Competition

Straight out of the paddock and into the spotlight, these muster dogs are hard core working dogs. Don't miss this Bush Sheep Dog Competition where, aside from the great prizes donated by our Sponsors, the winner also earns bragging rights for the farmer. 

This is as "working sheep dog" as it gets!

Starting at 8am at the Showground, this competition is where the farmer and muster dog test their metal. It's easy enough in the paddock when no one is watching, but when it happens in the spotlight, there's nowhere to hide.

In this competition the dogs have to work a mob of 8 sheep through a set obstacle course with only the farmer to guide them. The sheep are let out of a camp yard, the dogs are cast around the mob and the games begin.

After the obstacle course, the sheep are drafted (separated) with the dog pushing the mob forward.

A judge scores the dogs on each obstacle in order to get a total score. The time is then taken into consideration. The best dogs on the day move onto the finals and eventually a winner is crowned.

These dogs (and farmers) are straight out of the paddock. This is the true "working Australia" that so many of us never see.

For a farmer who has often wondered how their dog "measures up", this is where they find out.

Approximate schedule

7:30am Judge's talk/intro

8.00am Start of competition

12-1pm Break (for the parade)

After 1pm competition continues.

Expected end time 4.30pm-ish

Summary of Events

Virbac are providing a beautiful embroidered duffle bag as a prize.

We would like to thank those who are sponsoring this event.

We would like to thank those who are sponsoring this event.

Panels and yards are being supplied on the day through the incredible generosity of the LLS.

Sutton's Livestock and Veterinary Services is providing 8 vaccinations to the highest placed Sutton's client. If you're not a Suttons client, you should be. Get on board now!

Merriwa Petroleum and Ag are providing two dog collars and leads as prizes.

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