Competition Results

Competition was fierce this year with hundreds of entries of a very high calibre.

Here are the results of the competitions and raffle draw. Congratulations to all our winners!

Festival Raffle

1st - Sonia Dory, 2nd - Rob Smith,

3rd - Shannon H, 4th - Marie Wright,

5th - Kellie, 6th - Wendy Gill,

7th - W. James, Mystery Prize - Maggie Walpole

Colouring Competition


1st - Lilly Casben

2nd – Azalea Blades

3rd – Hailee Yu


1st – Darcy Bear

2nd equal – CJ Thompson, Taniel Roberts

3rd – Nate Goodridge


1st – Max

2nd equal – Isabella Campbell, Ryleigh Anshaw

3rd equal – Kimberly Watts, Ellie McNamara

Window Displays

Well done to all our entrants! The displays dazzled the storefronts with such colourful displays.

Congratulations to our winners:

1st - NewsXpress Merriwa decorated by St Josephs Primary School

2nd- Royal Hotel Merriwa

3rd - Merriwa Bakery

4th - Gumman Place

Bush Sheepdog Competition

This year our inaugural Bush Sheepdog Competition was held. Pulling together a new competition of this magnitude required a special commitment by sponsors and volunteers. A special thank you goes out to Molly Shannon for running such a great event along with those that made the Bush Sheepdog Competition one that we would all be excited to see for many years to come. Thank you again to:

- Wally and Claire Martin for their wonderful sheep that made the trial most enjoyable for everyone involved

- Dan & Marina Lee-Warner at Weetah Screenprinting for the donation of all the ribbons

- Suttons Livestock Veterinary services for their donation of dog wormers and also vaccines for the winner

- Virbac for their lovely embroidered vest for the winner

- Ridleys Tamworth for their very generous contribution of 18 bags of dog feed for the placegetters

- Merriwa Petroleum and Ag supplies for their two dog collars and leads for the encouragement and busiest handler award

- Elders Merriwa for their dog food for the judge 

- To our judge Murray Wilkinson 

Place Getters

Place Getters

Congratulations to all our Competition place getters!

1st - Brendan Horedam with Tick

2nd - Ben Coster with Lucy

3rd - Ben Coster with Fred

4th - Gracie Halsted with Emma

5th - Zac Ede with Charlie

Fun Awards