Stallholder Application Form

2024 Application

All Stallholders must complete the Site Application Form. Food stall holders are also required to complete the Food Safety Checklist and Mandatory Requirements Checklist section.

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    Please describe what you will be selling or promoting. For food stalls, specify the range and type of food sold, whether it is packaged, or unpackaged, hot or cold, etc

    Site requirement:
    What size site do you require?

    NOTE: Payments must be received and deposited to our account by close of business Friday 17th May to secure your site.

    Will you be using a generator?
    NOTE: Your generator must meet Australian standards (AS2790). Please check your generator’s compliance.
    My generator meets Australian Standards:
    Site Location:
    If you attended last year’s festival, would you like us to try and place you at (or near) the same site where you were located last year?
    NOTE: We will try to accommodate any request to be at/near the same site but cannot guarantee exact placement.


    Contact Info

    Festival of the Fleeces

    PO Box 144, Merriwa 2329